DC Metrorail System Shuts Down for Fire Safety Inspections

What is your plan in a metro fire?

March 16, 2016

“The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, WMATA, suspended all of its Metrorail service in the Washington, D.C., region March 16, for emergency inspections, causing commuting nightmares for residents of the nation’s capital, according to local news reports. Metro General Manager/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld announced the move the previous afternoon, with WMATA announcing it was supported by the authority’s Board of Directors and that the emergency inspections of the system’s third-rail power cables are necessary after an early morning tunnel fire the previous day.”

Referenced: Occupational Health & Safety Onlinehttps://ohsonline.com/articles/2016/03/16/dc-metrorail-system-shut-down-for-fire-safety-inspections.aspx

The entire DC rail system closed Wednesday for safety checks. (Photo from Fox5DC News
The entire DC rail system closed Wednesday for safety checks. (Photo from Fox5DC News)


Sorting out the PBE, EPOS, SCU & VRU+

The military calls it the Emergency Passenger Oxygen System or EPOS. This is often seen on aircraft in a green pouch.

The private airline industry refers to the unit as a SCU or Self Contained Unit.

The commercial airline induct uses the SCU/VRU/EPOS big brother called the PBE. These are used on over 90% of commercial flights around he world.

The manufacturer, Essex Industries calls it a Victim Rescue Unit Plus or VRU+ for government and public safety use.

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